Most Important Questions For Bank Interview

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A complete guide for Bank interviews (IBPS PO, SBI PO, IBPS RRB PO)

We all know that it is mandatory to pass the interview for getting final selection. Many students feel puzzled & confused over how to face their bank interview. We are here to help you in that with our Question bank of IBPS & SBI bank interview questions. Because of the students’ demands, we have merged all the possible question altogether.

Given below are all the possible bank interview questions

Q.1) The first Question in all the bank interviews is “Describe Yourself”.

Ans.) When you are asked this question, always describe these points-

i) Your Name

ii) Father’s Name

iii) Your city from where you belong

iv) The board form where you passed your class 10th (High School)

v) The board form where you passed class 12th (Intermediate)

vi) The university from where you completed your Graduation.

vii) Your aim in life (in just one line).

Viii) Your strengths.

ix) Your weaknesses.

Note-Long introductions make the interviewers bored, therefore, your description must be short and precise. Try to finish it within 2 minutes.

Present your negative points which can be beneficial for the bank.

For example- you can say “I can easily make new friends”. It can be good for the bank’s business because you can get it, new customers. But make it clear why you consider it as your weakness.

You can also say “I am very strict when it comes to performing my duties”. It can be good for the bank because you are devoted to your duties. But you need to justify why you consider it as your weakness.


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